Pierre Trudeau opened the door in 1971. Would Justin Trudeau take action to close it is 2021?
"There is little doubt that the Great Plague changed the course of the war, planting the seeds that would destroy Athenian democracy.”
"There is no easy way to discern between the common cold, influenza and COVID-19."
In this dynamic is found one of the most overlooked social issues of our time.
“We feel the health-care system has been completely taken over by a political agenda.”
“He is able to claim Canadian citizenship because his father is a Canadian who moved to Britain decades ago.”
Trudeau admires China for being able to “turn their economy around on a dime.” Perhaps it wasn’t a dime that did it– but rather $60 million Canadian ta…
Apotex admitted to a conspiracy to eliminate competition, escaping a criminal conviction that likely could have barred it from the American market.
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