Are Justin Trudeau And Jagmeet Singh The True Controllers Of Canada?

Based on observation, one would believe Jagmeet Singh’s NDP hold the most political power next to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

As Canadian society progresses toward a condition of authoritarianism, a number of parallels exist between our social structure and that within communist nations.

On this basis, a build-up of “unspoken realities” continues to foment. None should be of greater concern than the topic of which entities today control our country.

As long-term readers are aware, Cultural Action Party believe the power is sourced from beyond our borders. Mass immigration and multiculturalism have re-oriented Canada in way that citizens would not have thought possible in the 20th century.

As such, conduits must exist upon Canadian soil whose role is to facilitate the transformation. Such as it is that a certain curiosity exists regarding political power in our country.

The incumbent Liberals hold 160 seats in Parliament. The opposition Conservative Party have 119, followed by the NDP Party at 25.

And yet, based on pure observation, one could believe that the CPC and NDP are inverted, and it is Jagmeet Singh’s NDP who hold the most power next to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

The entire structure being fortified by mainstream media. Despite the NDP dropping from 44 seats to 25 under the leadership of Mr. Singh, he remains the “golden boy” of federal politics. According to CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, the man can do no wrong– despite the fact that he has done wrong by leading his party on a downward trajectory.

All this really got CAP to thinking. Why would the NDP hold more power than Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives? Could it be that what really counts is ideological affinity?

As such, this would place Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh as veritable blood brothers. To say nothing of a tangible breach in democratic jurisprudence.

So it was that on the first day of a return of MP’s to Parliament after a five-month break, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced that his party is engaged in “ongoing discussions with the Liberals about fast-tracking legislation that both parties support.”

To form a coalition, or not form a coalition– that is the question. A question which is not being properly addressed by Canadian media. What we have here is a murky, ill-defined suggestion of a coalition. Shot-through with ambiguity, the tacit partnership cannot be validated on a technical basis.

How about on an ideological level? Consider the ramifications of a covert political partnership of this nature. Let’s say that the Liberals-NDP wished pass bills that 98% of Canadians oppose. For example, Internet Censorship legislation.

Trudeau darn well wants it, as does Singh. On this basis, Canada’s gods of globalism could align to pass Bill C-10 and Bill C-36. Despite the fact that internet censorship must qualify as the most hated potential legislation of the past 50 years— if not ever.

What does all this do for democracy in Canada? The same thing that has occurred daily since Trudeau became PM in 2015– it erodes it. What a coincidence it is that establishment media have been stone-cold silent on the matter.

In post-modern Canada, what is unspoken is far more impactful than that which finds its way into media presentation. Can it be that Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are holding all the cards regarding the destiny of our nation?

If so, let Canadians become perfectly clear on ominous condition this portends. The media are never going to do it for us.