Cult Of Covid: Justin Trudeau's "Great Reset" Religion Comes To Canada

More than any development in Canadian history, the pandemic is pushing citizens toward a manner of daily living found in communist societies.

From the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister, Cultural Action Party of Canada has sensed that a "cult-like" atmosphere surrounds his leadership.

Climate change, carbon taxation-- you name the Liberal government mandate, and it is shot-through with political dogma. Such as it is within the world of Covid vaccinations.

Everyone must get two shots of the pandemic remedy. Pfizer, Astrazeneca, J & J-- just "shut up and get the jab," intimates Justin Trudeau. According to establishment media, there has never been a case of a person who died as a result of the injection.

Ours is not to question any aspect of the vaccination agenda. If one does so, they are indulging in a "conspiracy theory." Never mind that the post-vaccine circumstances do not provide immunity from catching Covid. Cast aside the thought that receiving a vaccine open no doors to a change in pandemic-related lifestyle.

Government, media, academia-- all are dedicated to the cult of Covid. It should come as no surprise that CAP has some "alternate" opinions on the matter.

One thought cannot fail to creep into our consciousness-- the idea that the failure of Justin Trudeau's Covid inoculation program is intentional.

Outrageous, eh? No matter the perspective, we steadfastly claim that Canada is unique in its pandemic experience. Unlike impact on other nations, Covid has a defined political purpose within our society.

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As articulated ad nauseum, the goal of government is Canada's journey  from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship. In this capacity, the pandemic functions today as the primary mode of transportation.

"Insanity," bellow the Liberal snowflake contingent. "Systemic racism in action," suggest Canada's monolithically leftist media.

Perhaps. And yet, who can deny the following observation:

More than any development in Canadian history, the pandemic of 2021 is moulding our communities toward a manner of daily living found in communist societies. Live your lives in the manner government instruct, or risk police interrogation, fines and jail time.

Just as it is in the hero-nations of the Trudeau family-- Cuba, China and the former U.S.S.R.

Degree of contemplation from CBC? Nothing. Extent of analysis from Globe & Mail and National Post? Zero. Degree of complicity from mainstream media in general?

100%-- just as it is in the hero-nations of the Trudeau family. For CAP's money, the pandemic is nothing short of political subterfuge, as in:

The substitution of a surface event for the purpose of masking a primary goal. Justin Trudeau knows this. The pandemic is the primary instrument in his Great Reset toolkit.

Out of the ashes of the Covid crisis will emerge a Canada which Justin Trudeau obliquely referenced in his post-modern Canada proclamation.

Try a post-democratic Canada, and proceed from there to a pseudo-communist Canada. Immigration policy is primed to keep the Liberals in power for decades-- or more than likely, forever.

Every bit of the agenda is pre-ordained as PM Trudeau walks society down a path toward a political condition not a single citizen voted for.

After which media have the nerve to refer to the dying Great White North as a "democratic" society.

-- Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)