How He Did It: Justin Trudeau's Conversion of Canada To A Racist Nation

If it had all been planned out in advance, it could not have worked out better. That is, for those who are utilizing racism to convert Canada into a new society. Many Canadians will recall Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's prescient statement in 2015: he thinks of our country as a "post-modern" state.

At the time, no one knew what this entailed. In 2021, astute Canadians have gotten the picture. One of the fundamentals goes like this: PM Trudeau instigated a pre-meditated plan to brand our country a racist, bigoted and xenophobic society.

The agenda contained a specific purpose: to transition what was once a proud nation into a condition of self-hatred. Through this methodology, a new Canada is to emerge. Without public awareness, our PM's long-term goal is a complete re-imagining of society.

This is to include a social transformation of magnanimous proportions. Anglophone-Canadians are to be transferred to second class citizen status-- what Cultural Action Party has labeled "Second Nations" Canada.

The ticket to success is found in the "race card"-- the branding of non-3rd World, non-1st Nations citizens as a community of haters. Justin Trudeau drives this agenda like a Roman chariot racer drives his horses to the finish line.

Here is the methodology:

Create a foundation of racism based on the historical treatment of Canada's Indigenous communities. Add the highest immigration quotas in history. Fuse together 3rd World migrants and 1st Nations Canadians into a singular oppressed entity.

Refuse to distinguish between historical racism, and contemporary society. What emerges is a monolith of white on non-white prejudice. Enter immigration policy. Keep packing 3rd World migrants into Canada. Watch as the Canadian-born begin to fray at the edges as a result. Ignore their perspective. In fact, never refer to these citizens period. Let them sit and fester in the idea that their country is being taken away from them.

In other words-- perpetuate racism for the purpose of turning society upside-down. White Canadians, take your place as bigots responsible for all hardships that non-whites inform society they are experiencing.

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Naturally, this calculated, systemic journey could not succeed without media complicity. Therefore, buy the media. As nasty and vile white Canadians begin to protest, pass legislation to shut them up. Enter stage left, Bill C-10 and Bill C-36.

Continue with Liberal government draconian crackdowns. Transform urban ridings to 3rd World majority constituencies. Run Liberal 3rd World candidates in those ridings. Win them all in perpetuity.  By way of immigration, repeat the process in rural ridings. When Old Stock candidates retire, replace them with the foreign-born. Do so to the extent that the Liberal Party of Canada win 90% of seats in a federal election.

Repeat this process until the general public come to agree with government that federal elections are completely futile. Presto-- by way of immigration policy and racist branding, the two goals of a Justin Trudeau-led Silent Revolution have been accomplished:

-- The end of democracy and beginning of Canada as a dictatorship.

-- The transfer of Anglophone-Canadians to a vilified "Second Nations" community.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.

-- Written by Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)