Western Canadian Political Movement Rises In Response To Trudeau's Great Reset Agenda

For Justin Trudeau, Eastern Canada is top priority, while his punitive behaviour toward Alberta industry is a "chip off the old block" Pierre Trudeau.


Not since the advent of the Reform Party of Canada in the 1990's has western Canadian political organization been as pronounced as it is at present.

Developing out of a growing Wexit movement, the Maverick Party began to gain traction in late 2019, shortly after Justin Trudeau was elected to office for a second term. It's purpose was to give voice to Western Canadians. The party was built upon a foundation of frustration at PM Trudeau's blatant neglect of western Canadian interests.

Indeed, Justin Trudeau has from day one revealed his true political colours. Eastern Canada is top priority, while his punitive nature toward Alberta industry is a "chip off the old block."

The National Energy Program (NEP) was an energy policy of the Canadian federal government from 1980 to 1985. Created under the Liberal government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau,  the program extracted billions of dollars from Alberta, and shipped them off to Ottawa, mainly for the benefit of Eastern Canadian interests.

Eastern Canada is Justin Trudeau's bag as well--  although for somewhat different reasons. What is critical in this scenario is that eastern Canada-- the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) in particular-- holds the key to Trudeau's grand vision for the future of our country.

As neglected by Canadian media, the GTA is Trudeau's ace-up-the-sleeve to keep the Liberal party in office in perpetuity. His silver bullet is found in what one may call the Liberal-3rd World immigration agenda. The 2019 federal election resulted in the Liberals taking 45 of 55 seats in greater urban Toronto. Much of this accomplished through running 3rd World immigrant candidates-- many of them dual citizens-- within ridings dominated by 3rd world voters.

To this day, mainstream media have never breathed a single word regarding this scenario. Back out west, both the dynamics and the sentiment differ from the east.

Such as it is that political parties with a sense for the patriotic have risen in stature. The political vision of Trudeau and the Liberals is laser-focus on a globalist ethos. It has now gotten to the point where, in an ironic fashion, the Liberal Party are all about race.

This MP candidate must be of non-white extraction. Candidates for the Supreme Court are selected based on skin colour. Applicants for bureaucratic government positions must be maintained according to an "ethnic quota" model.

What both government and media refuse to admit is the exclusionary aspect of this paean to politically correctness. At the baseline, it is nothing less than Charter-breaching reverse racism.

Such as it is that the call for western separatism continues to grow. Aside from the Maverick Party, Maxime Bernier's Peoples Party of Canada(PPC) are gaining traction upon western soil. Working his way east on tour from British Columbia,Mr. Bernier has been rallying the western troops behind an anti-Great Reset model.

Another player is independent MP Derek Sloan, ousted by Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole for refusing to go "Liberal-lite" as advanced by a wanna-be progressive Conservative Party.

Of course, they will lose to Trudeau's brigade of border-erasing Great Reset bandits. Yet, what could  make an impact is the idea of a coalition movement bringing together various western-centric factions. Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis would be a solid addition, as would the man who by all rights should be party leader, Pierre Poilievre.

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The potential exists for a nascent conservative coalition to rise up to challenge the nationalism-hating Liberals. One of the main challenges is found within the Great Reset dynamic itself-- the fact that in neo-communist fashion, mainstream media now work for Justin Trudeau. Thus it is that apart from a single mention in a Globe & Mail article, the Maverick Party of Canada are non-existent in terms of media exposure.

How telling this is. Once upon a time, the principles of democracy were front-and-centre in Canada. Meaning that media would intentionally expose a Maverick Party in the name of democratic principles.

Those day are gone. Since Justin Trudeau came to town, Canada has morphed step-by-step into a pseudo-communist society. In 2021, democracy is discouraged. In its stead the people of Canada are subject to the will of a quasi-dictator named Trudeau.

Whether or not the will of Trudeau's Great Reset globalism can be held back in time for an alternate to appear is anyone's guess.

-- Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)