Western Canadians Have Had Enough Of Prime Ministers From Quebec

Western Canadians are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They want an end to the Quebec-centric, Eastern power play."

Six years of Justin Trudeau as prime minister can make a common sense Canadian become sick and tired of many things. Virtue-signalling, Woke politics, Great Resets-- the count is practically limitless.

Yet, one idea stands as perhaps the most prudent: Western Canadians are fed up with prime ministers from "La belle province." Why shouldn't they be? The transition from former Conservative PM Stephen Harper to current Liberal PM Justin Trudeau stands as a testament.

Faster than you can say "back bacon," Canadian media did a back-flip upon the demise of Mr. Harper. Over night, we became a sunny ways society from coast to coast. In this, we recognise a fundamental in the Liberal-Conservative dichotomy:

When a Liberal prime minister wins a term in office, media spend four years deftly dodging bullets on his behalf. Conversely, when it is time for a Conservative PM, media dedicate four  years to ripping him to shreds.

More irritating is the fact that no one ever talks about it. Subjectivity and bias-- more accurately referred to as propaganda-- has not stopped flowing from the pens of Canada's media "intelligensia" since the Trudeau Part 2 was placed into office.

Not that the phenomenon is limited to prime ministers-- as exemplified by media's treatment of current Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole.

Don't you know? He is awful-- a giant embarrassment who has cast his party into chaos and confusion. Never mind that the CPC hold 119 seats in Parliament, and form the official opposition.

Contrast this with media darling, NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh. According to CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and National Post, this man can do no wrong. Despite the fact that Mr. Singh has led the NDP on a downward trajectory from 44 to 25 seats in Parliament, not a word of criticism emanates from mainstream media.

What can we learn from this? How about the idea that it is not performance that counts, but rather ideology that holds the winning ticket. On this basis, Trudeau and Singh are the sweethearts of the rodeo, while Conservatism is sent straight to the doghouse.

Perhaps it is one reason why Justin Trudeau prefers immigrants over Old Stock Canadians. The former lack historical perspective, while the latter can comprehend  Canada's transition from democracy to neo-communism.

Another element of the unspoken is found in prime minister favouritism toward Quebec. It it under these circumstances that a political paradox became manifest: a dedication to the preservation of Quebec culture, contrasted with the decimation of any form of  culture within the remainder of Canada.

Special status, distinct society, autonomy in immigration policy, language preservation. The prioritization of French-Canadian culture in full bloom. In contrast, every attempt to replicate the condition in Anglophone Canada has been met with a uniform response: what you are saying is racist.

A fascinating hypocrisy. In addition to the blessings of multiculturalism forced upon Canada by Quebecois PM Pierre Trudeau, what remains is a loaded agenda. French-Canadians must have their culture. Under diversity policy, the same applies to Chinese-Canadians, Sikh-Canadians and Muslim-Canadians.

But watch out Anglophones. Get any crazy ideas of following suit, and we render you bigots and xenophobes. As founded by Pierre Trudeau, as facilitated by Justin Trudeau.

No Canadian national leader has shunned Western Canadians like Justin Trudeau. He doesn't even pretend to give a care, and why should he? It's not like establishment media are going to get on his hump for doing so.

What we arrive at is not difficult to fathom. Canada is an eastern-centric country. Yes, on an historical basis, the Conservatives have held office 40% of the time. It is never going to happen again.

Once the Liberals get back in power, watch out. All machinations fall in line. Media bias. Quebec-centricism. Laurentian Mountain elitism. SNC Lavalin and Bombadier favouritism. Every "ism" in the book is locked in for a minimum four year period.

There have been 23 prime ministers elected to office since our founding in 1867. In terms of  Eastern-centricism, no one can touch Justin Trudeau.  Seems like Trudeau is still fighting the battle of the Plains of Abraham.

Such as it is that the Western autonomy movement reached an apotheosis in 2021:

Western Canadians are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We want an end to this Quebec-centric, endless Eastern power play. Fortunately for those who don't want what we want, the public no longer influence government in any form.

Unless it serves the desires of Eastern Canada, Quebec and the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau has no interest in the issue.