Why Media Blame Canadians– Not Immigration Policy– For Racism In Canada

Why Is It That Media Never Hold Trudeau's "Too Much Too Fast" Immigration Policy As A Culprit For Racist Incidents In Canada?

A political journalist could fill a War and Peace-length novel with the number of incomprehensible political decisions made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Out of the many, Cultural Action Party hereby select the “blame game.” This is, of course, one of PM Trudeau’s specialties.

Moving to specifics, our focus is the massive rise in racism within society, and who is responsible for it. Thus far into Trudeau’s tenure as PM, those responsible begin and end with “mainstream” Canadian citizens.

Without explicitly saying so, both government and media imply that the source of this racism is intolerance within Canada’s “Old Stock” communities. Society has been informed that “systemic racism” is intrinsic within Anglophone and Francophone Canadians–we couldn’t rid ourselves of the habit even if we tried.

Is the implication correct, or erroneous? It should be no surprise to CAP readers that we choose the latter. The main influencers within society– Trudeau, Liberal Cabinet, CBC, Globe & Mail, as well as our academic institutions– have for five decades overlooked an obvious cause for racism in Canada.

The reason is found in immigration policy. Our country maintains the highest rates of per-capita immigration intake in the world. To add emphasis, Justin Trudeau has established the highest intake quotas in the history of our nation.

What does this mean to media in terms of an impact upon racism, bigotry and xenophobia? Try nothing at all. Think about the last time you read a mainstream media piece on the impact of immigration policy upon racism within society.

If your experience is like CAP’s, the answer is never. Why not? Are astute citizens to believe these two phenomenon exist in entirely separate silos?

Of course they don’t–the two are fundamentally intertwined. To eschew this is to place all blame upon the shoulders of Old Stock Canadians, This is exactly what government and media have done.

Applying logic to the theory, it is fair to conclude that government– and not “the people”– are responsible for the massive increase in racial conflict in Canada.

How many media articles or academic thesis will you be reading on this theory? Tryzero, and stop right there.

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Is there “method in the madness” in this regard? Of course there is. After all, it is Great Reset time in Canada. Here’s a thought to chew on–while government project an image of working to minimize racism, they are in reality its greatest perpetrators.

Why? Because when working a policy of national transformation, social conflict is eseential to the endeavour. As CAP have stated time and again, our country is in the process of being transformed from democracy to dictatorship.

Inter-community conflict distracts citizens from comprehending the true game at hand. For that matter– so does the Covid pandemic, another piece of subterfuge assisting with a demise of democratic governance.

For Justin Trudeau, the LiberalsMedia and Academia, the answer is monolithic in form. It is those awful racist Anglophone and Francophone Canadians who are responsible for all social conflict within society.

“Blame the other for what you yourself indulge in” is indeed government’s post-modern mantra within the dying Great White North.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)