Amen to this, I saw this story, and well, you see this works! more people needed to show how we can shape our society back! take back what was taken away from us! Common sense parenting!

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I think everyone is getting sick and tired of these woke assholes. Time enough lets take back our schools kick all those perverts and bums to the curb and let them take the great Turd with them.

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This will never end.....just got this from the Wellness Company that Dr. Alexander is on the board of...... I suggest you sign up...it's a great website! https://twccanada.health/blogs/well

OMG!! Is this true?

When will Medical Tyranny STOP in Canada?

"No parks with no shot? No way!

Have you seen the latest COVID vaccine lunacy from the Liberal Party in Canada? They want to bar unvaxxed people from public spaces and small businesses.

Think you are going to take your child to the toy store and then for a walk in the park? Not if the Liberal Party has its way. The Liberal Party proposed on their website that if elected, they will require proof of vaccination credentials for people to shop in small businesses or just to stay outdoors and enjoy a park. The Liberal Party even plans to dedicate 1 billion in taxpayer dollars to a COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Fund to aid provinces and territories to “implement a requirement for proof of vaccine credentials in their jurisdiction for non-essential businesses and public space.”

Worse yet, the fund will cover legal costs “to ensure that every business and organization that decides to require proof of vaccination from employees and customers can do so without fear of a legal challenge." This means that the Canadian government will provide funding for businesses that agree to bar you from their establishment should you try to rely on the court system to protect your rights.

Using tax dollars to entice corporations to implement policy is corporate fascism like the Nazis practiced. Be vigilant and stand up for medical freedom.

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We create our own DESTINY , so get off your ass and do something about it if you don't like what you see happening in Canada. Remember buy your guns and ammo while you still can , you may need them some day to defend your wife and children.

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This will never end until Trudeau and his gang of degenerates are imprisoned or gone from Canada.

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