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Trudeau is finally getting attacked from all sides. His very damaging spat with India, plus the rumors of his cocaine use on the plane during the G20 that caused his plane to delay to leave India and return to CAD. His incompetence in Parliament where he brought Zelinski into an orchestrated virtue signaling shit show whereby the whole of Parliament question period cheered for and honored a real SS Nazi during a Jewis holiday. And now his transgenderism agenda is blowing up in his face. Bravo. Keep it coming.

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I believe Brad Salzberg has hit the nail on the head for the hundredth time, Trudeau is a manipulator. He plays one group of people against the other. He has caused this country more discord than any PM before him. If he doesn’t like what one group is saying by disagreeing with him, he labels them Nazis until the next group rises up against someone else he is promoting. I am sure by his estimation we are all Nazis in this country, except for him. I pray that those that still support him wake up to the realization that he is trying to manipulate all of us, that is his only hope of surviving as supreme ruler of this country. He must get tired jumping from one foot to the other! We should relieve him of his distress. When does Singh become entitled to his pension?

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My email

Date: September 27, 2023

To: KRedman@regionofwaterloo.ca

Cc: Regional Council of Waterloo

Subject: Passing a By-law in a Few Hours to Sanction Anyone...

… who "Reasonably Offends" a Person who Identifies as LGBT.


That will be more intimidating for the population than street gangs, the many wokes using new powers inciting arguments, thereby creating more division and hate.

Way to go, Karen! Really taking advantage of the Marxist Cultural Revolution, aren’t you?

What about ensuring these folks LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE!



Peace, Order and Good Government

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just maybe, they will say no to trudeau, the whole package. they and french in quebec, are really starting to see what is going on, wait till quebec has no choice but to take 100,000 at a time, then brad, you will see the fireworks.

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Singh cares only about his own pension, and unless that is affected, he's not worried about running out the clock.

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My email...

Subject: Immoral Education of Children?

Date: September 27, 2023

To: premier@gov.bc.ca

Cc: EDUC.Minister@gov.bc.ca

What’s going on, David?


Get a grip, please! Save the children


for Fundamental Education

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Was the old guy the only nazi present?

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Doesn’t need Muslims now with having the ‘unique’ sexual crowd???

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