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Decades in the making, and bet your bottom dollar his son is being groomed for the next wave.

Before you can train a socialist, you have to train his grandfather.

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A vote for Trudeau is a vote for the destruction of Democracy and the The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada. " PERIOD "

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May I suggest the China thing is a means of throwing Canadians off the scent.

May I recommend you and others posting here read:


Canada is a satrapy of the United States and the United States is completely controlled by the Globalist bankers — the Bank for International Settlements, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund — and a something most people are unaware of — the trillions of dollars of unaccounted-for dark money made instantly available to subvert, bribe, threaten, and buy influence and indeed men’s and women’s souls.

The only way to countervail this evil Behemoth is spread the word.

Unless people everywhere understand how nothing makes sense without knowing the essential nature of money they might as well stop commenting. Trudeau is a puppet. He is no doubt being threatened and blackmailed. You’ll notice how most people are living at the bottom of a well of ignorance. Even if presented with obvious and verifiable truths they seldom have enough perspective to understand the forces arrayed against them.

Tragically they are their own worst enemy. Most people do not want their comfortable lives disrupted by the truth — even if ignoring the truth only serves to ensure the inevitable outcome; their further enslavement!

Recent events may have served to wake some people up, but the magnitude of that which is unseen is frightening, no question, but at least, people, turn on the light.

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A vote for Trudeau is compared to being on an airplane going to crash, bend down and kiss your ass goodbye.

He's committed in deploying. CBDC's to save troubled banks and gain control of his communistic agenda as mentored by his task masters WEF. We now know his incestial relationship with Jug Head Singh ,Bank of Canada, and pension fraud...shit is about to hit the fan and he can't escape.

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give me immunity and see what I can do

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Does any one care that there was more Irish slaves than Black African slaves. Media do not want you to know as would destroy all this BS re black/white/BLM narrative. They would not have any thing to talk about. especially, white against white [Irish against slave traders]

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