While Canadians, were busy , raising their families, working, building their modest cottages at one point. Just paying their taxes -- and obeying their 'nice' government, also they had a love for Government, especially newcomers and Ontario -

We got blindsided, and I think its a good thing we now know who our enemy is, time to grow up Canada, your government is your enemy, you played nice guy with tooo long.

You have been betrayed, your no longer the free person you thought, it should of been a sign, look at the LLCBO, gouges you in taxes, the doctors that don't want to work here, because they are under a control of the college of Physicans, government doctrines. Its out there, you were always under government control , look at your OHIP card, it was state style health care! We all fell for it!

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His father was a clever conniving communist — some don’t agree — read his books. He used communist methods to convince Canadians that though injustices were done in Quebec by the Anglos — an entirely false premise — it could be rectified by repatriating the Constitution. If you Google books by Pierre E Trudeau you won’t find his complete oeuvre. Obviously Trudeau friends and family would prefer you never read “Two Innocents in Red China.” Of course Trudeau was trained by Jesuits. Repatriating the Constitution was a cover for his despicable lure, that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was about either your rights or your freedoms — which by modern lights are inalienable. In other words it is not government that gives rights — they are yours by virtue of being born. The Charter is about redistributing rights; especially about redistributing rights to Quebec — at the expense of the rights of every Canadian in every other province. Practically speaking is was about power. Using the Charter as a cover suddenly anyone in the Federal government had to be bilingual. Who were these bilingual speakers?…Quebecers of course? Politicians made it seem a virtue that Quebecers were bilingual. The corollary naturally was that Anglos were not. The Charter was about reclaiming power in Canada that Quebec had engineered by manoeuvring the other signees of the “Constitution” to agree to not a

confederation but a federation — but was slipping away. Canada is a Federation. Not enough space here to explain the importance of the difference. Proponents believed Confederation would allow a new federal government to make national decisions, while letting individual provinces find local solutions. As a self governing province, Quebec could safeguard French Canadian interests. But bilingualism and biculturalism were made a national decision. What Quebecers wanted originally by joining a Federation was power. Remember New France was the most successful of the European endeavours in North America.

But time and circumstances gradually eroded the power French Canada had acquired in North America. It was Lower Canada where French power was centred. Unfortunately for Lower Canada (better understood as New France) Americans after their Revolution

were no longer restrained by being colonies of Great Britain. Great Britain did not want war with France. Had their settlers broached the natural barrier of the Alleghenies they would be threatening France’s imperial interests. After the Revolution no such inhibitions restrained Americans from pouring into New France. In ~ 1800 Great Britain and the U.S. signed the Jay Treaty assigning the border to its present demise. The next major event constricting the power of Lower Canada was the building of the Erie Canal, enabling goods to bypass the St Lawrence lowlands. We have been led to believe the Anglos wanted to strengthen their position in a Confederation — of course some did — but the impetus came from Lower Canada. It was the elite in Lower Canada whom understood the importance of a National Railroad. But some form of larger arrangement was necessary. Lenders would not finance a railroad unless it was collateralized — only a coast to coast country, i.e. Canada, would provide the necessary collateral. Quebec was hardly hard done by. Almost every element of building a railroad was in Quebec. Mines opened up to provide iron ore, railroads ran on steel rails, bridges were manufactured by Dominion Bridge, engines and rail cars were built in Montreal. Financing was channeled through banks in Montreal. And the Scots were invited because the Scottish Enlightenment provided an educated workforce — not so much labour as know how — engineers, metallurgists, surveyors, bankers, managers, etc. think men like Andrew Carnegie. Quebec had no such educated population. These people were invited into Quebec by virtue of necessity. Indeed very few the English settled in Quebec. The Scots of course spoke English.

Few people know Canadian history. Why? Because it does not suit Canadas elite, both French Canadians or English Canadians. You might say, entrepreneurial activity has not been encouraged in Canada. Pierre Trudeau ran up huge debts benefiting Quebec while doing his work of restoring Quebec’s power in Canada. The son is continuing his fathers legacy. Of course the son is not as intelligent as the father, but the effect is the same. Certain Liberals have been brokering selling Canadian assets to China. This is enabled by corrupt practices ensured by Quebec’s stranglehold over the Federal precincts in Canada, i.e. bilingualism. As an aside, Quebec would never have separated from Canada — the premiers of the other provinces were suckered. Just as their predecessors were suckered in 1867.

I doubt you ever question the official narrative about anything. I suggest you look into whom they were who stole the right of the the U.S. government to provide the means of exchange when the ‘created’ the Federal Reserve. While at the same time and with the same goal fomented the Russian Revolution. The aim in both cases was to wrest control of the economies of both the U.S.A. and Russia from their citizens, while creating an exogenous and non accountable means of controlling their economies. This caused the deaths in Russia of millions of small landholders and farmers — 60,000,000 in total were either executed or imprisoned in the gulag. This appropriation caused the deaths of millions during both World Wars of Americans, Canadians, Australians, French, British and German soldiers. War making and wars require enormous amounts of borrowing. Taxes go up. Income taxes are instituted where there were formerly none. Hundreds of people make fortunes while millions and millions were sacrificed. Hitler came to power because the Treaty of Versailles collapsed the German economy — done intentionally of course. The history you revel in is a contrivance perpetuated by the power of money and malevolent influence. Trusting the Government when the government is controlled by powerful interests whom are not loyal Canadians but financial Oligarchs. These Oligarchs establish a completely different means of controlling economies so they can be systemically drained of their wealth or rendered incapable of creating wealth. A wealth creating economy requires policies which negate the power of international bankers and trans national corporate interests whose only concern is mass consumption. A wealth producing economy requires policies which allow domestic businesses to retain earnings and grow their businesses. Eventually the tax base grows but it is far more difficult to loot. The state succumbs yo totalitarianism because a free people are almost impossible to loot. Hence elites promote Communism. Get it?

Communism is the obverse of financial capitalism. They are promulgated by the same powerful interests. Those, seduced by socialist ideas are rendered helpful to the ruling elites. Of course if the ideology of socialism is to be realized a compliant state is required. …A state which redistributes wealth, of necessity taxes wealth. But those taxes are made available to the ruling elite so they can consolidate power over economies. The truly powerful are not your neighbour, they are not domestically incorporated. They are positioned to rule the world. Whom are they that run the socialist state.

Not you or I, and if you believe that our ‘betters’ exist you are being fooled. Do some research. Whom are they who own the media, control the banks, control Hollywood, control big Pharma, control the Government, dole out the contracts to purchase more and more means of destruction, hold dual passports, establish U.S. foreign policy and Canadian policy — as if there is any difference. The Government is not your friend. Whether you vote Liberal, Conservative, or Green in Canada or Democrat or Republican in the U.S. it makes no difference. They are tails not dogs. The tails you see wagging, deflect your attention away from the jaws which are all to readily poised to rip your heart out of your chest. Received history is intentionally moulded to make it palatable — the truth would make you gag.

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Aug 17, 2022Liked by Brad Salzberg

As much as people decry Trudeau as a 'turd' or a 'trudope', he is one crafty bastard. Having Singh seduced to keep him in power 'til 2025 is unconscionable. With all the fallout from the Trucker Convoy, the illicit travel bans, the push for the Commie-like tracing, not to mention all the previous scandals (lest we forget!), this guy just keeps his Teflon suit on, does whatever the hell he likes, and could care less about Canadians or Canada, or how he abuses THEIR money. There will be a comeuppance, however, because just like Teflon frying pans, they get sticky over time, and end up on the garbage heap.

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Aug 17, 2022Liked by Brad Salzberg

Thank you for your good political and cultural writing.

That line, “Canadians work for others” , put in historic terms means Canadians are the serfs of the world. Endentured to masters who hate us. Willing and programmed to be nice under all tyranny. After all, we’re not Americans.

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Using facial recognition my bet is the nose, eyes etc. match Fidel's face to a "T". Justins early admiration for communism should have been a HUGE red flag to all Canadians not to mention his brother being a card carrying communist but he never makes the news. Maybe we should dig deeper into what his brother is up to????????????? We know his mother is out to lunch.

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Yes, that's why she (being the premier and ultimate feminista, pun intended) SUDDENLY & QUICKLY instituted this Emergency POWERS act, upon hearing the CLOSELY followed Truckers negotiations, AS SOON as it appeared that Peace might be had. CAN'T have had THAT shyte !!

Then it's sunny dayz, and NO Emergency for his narcness. AND justine got in a WORLD of butthurt from the cabal for kickin' off their AGENDA half a decade too soon. AWWW.

What a joke; not her, that's obvious; however, I will say it again; the "passionate ignorance" the normies FLAUNT, not even able to THINK their way out of a wet paper sack.

Gawd it's STUPID ugly.

And WAY scarier than trudy, by a COUNTRY mile, er, kilometer.

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This is from the "I can't believe that nobody had two functioning neurons to rub together before reporting this story" file.

So there is a report flying around that "Sexual assault allegations could harm Quebec cardinal Marc Ouellet’s papacy hopes, says Vatican observer" Hmmm...really Einstein, no shit. You don't have to be even a little bit smart to realize that a headline like that just demonstrates how dysfunctional and indeed dystopian life just got lately.

How anybody thinks that this aids the Catholic Church has even a little bit of credibility after that is beyond comprehension. The Church is already in big trouble and I strongly suggest that "the faithful" let your fingers do some typing and find out how the Church and indeed the world itself...really works.

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Just gotta say AAAAAAAAarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Be outa here in a few years; maybe less; no guarantees, but I sure sympathise with what the young will be facing. I think if I were an up on current affairs young guy I'd be looking at emigration to a country more like what Canada used to be.

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Take another deep dive down Trudeau rabit hole


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