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Trudeau is also destroying the Canadian Family with his immoral gay and lesbian policies. I think all parents of trans and gay children should be arrested and charged with child abuse. It's immoral, perverted and a direct attack on the Canadian way of life. It's no different than any other foreign invasion of Canada.

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Oh, cry me a river, Canadians are asleep and at their cottage's as long as PEI, NOVA SCOTIA and the Maritimes, get money from big daddy government they dont' care!

Nova Scotia has a special pack with China...Canada is pathetic!

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I despise TRUDEAU and the Liberals for allowing the Chinese Communist Party and their operatives to influence Canadian politics ,society and business ; however ,it needs to be said that all of the other parties including the Conservatives had to know about it as well for decades .I'm a little old gal from BC and I knew about the CCP operative donation to the Trudeau foundation years ago and have witnessed a disturbing level of Chinese influence and ownership of particularly our natural resources in Canada for decades .It is impossible that those who troll the halls of Parliament and move in Ottawa business/political/.social circles did not know at some level that the CCP and their operatives were establishing deep roots within Canada .For these other parties to fane shock at the whistleblower revelations is disingenuous at best .Just further evidence that we need to be vigilant in protecting our countries culture and sovereignty no matter which party is governing .

I'm undecided which is worse ,if the whistle blowers was from CSIS indicating our OWN security branch is fearful.of Canada's national security and does not trust the TRUDEAU government to address the situation effectively or if the whistle blowers were from a foreign security entity is FBI CIA wanting to expose how the CCP is in bed with the Canadian government.It is becoming pretty clear that our " allies " are very concerned about spreading Chinese /CCP domination and aggression .Perhaps they are questioning if the Trudeau Liberals can be trusted .The fact that Trudeau was not invited to the security meeting in San Diego this month along with USA ,UK Australia should be a red flag that Canada is losing influence ,trust and significance under TRUDEAU .This is not the first time the Trudeau government has been dismissed or overlooked and despite the declaration from the PMO that they did not expect to be invited I call bull and say these snubs are indicative of a developing foreign affairs cold shoulder towards Canada .This is obviously dangerous on many levels .An immediate public inquiry is needed .

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The Quiet Revolution in Quebec was fomented, like the Russian Revolution, by forces completely invisible to all but a few.

Of course revolutions divide societies. It is an old strategy. Did the bourgeois class in Quebec benefit. Only psychologically for the most part.

Are Quebecer better off because they were seduced and bought off. They are taxed at a greater rate than say, Ontario. Many are actually marooned in Quebec. Millions are unable to speak English. They pay the same interest rates in Quebec as in B.C. or Alberta. Inflation debased their currency as it does in Manitoba. Quebecers were bought off by Pierre Trudeau. Seduced!

Financially at first glance. Because the Liberal party under Trudeau was able to establish mostly French speaking Quebecers within the entire Federal government in Ottawa.

But separatism never happened. It was close — Chrétien if you remember was begging in a TV address — indeed pleading with voters to vote no.

The Quebec elite never wanted separation, ever. The got what they wanted. The installation of the means of subordinating Canada’s economy to Globalists. Many think of Mulroney as simply a conservative. Without all kinds of analysis ask yourself: Who advocated Free Trade? Free trade is part of the suite of agendas Globalists advocate.

Our entire economy and its social underpinnings, especially our schools, universities, and media have been suborned. Canada is no longer for Canadians’ but for anyone, and everyone, from anywhere.

Paul Martin was and is a Globalist shill. A Prime Minister devoted to installing the Globalist agenda. His reward: Paul Desmarais practically gave him Canada Steamship Lines.

Who was Paul Desmarais? He was a Globalist. Under the Quebec Liberals, Canada was sold out. The Liberal party sold out Quebec. Most Quebecers will never believe it. The Liberal party sold out Canada. Most Canadians including Canadians in Quebec will never believe it.

Google Paul Desmarais, Paul Martin, Canada Steamship Lines, Maurice Strong, Power Corporation — then follow the money.

They are at the center of the spider web. Of course the major players are few. Globalists look for a wedge. Globalists are BANKERS especially. They lend, bribe, coerce, corrupt, and contaminate. I prefer the appellation Banksters!

Just who were they that conspired to install the private banking monopoly, The Federal Reserve, in the United States in 1913? Who were they that underwrote the Bolsheviks and the Russian Revolution.

Examine them, thoroughly and you’ll be shocked. The French Revolution, the English Revolution — called the Glorious Revolution, the same, follow the money. History looks much, much different when you follow the money.

Politicians are hired shills. Many politicians certainly are naive but a few have an agenda hardly transparent to their peers. Money buys the policies suiting the Globalists agenda. Nothing happens ever, without there is human agency. Wars do not break out. They are fomented. Nothing makes more money than war, preparing for it, and lending to the protagonists.

Wars though, are fomented for the same reasons revolutions are fomented. Consolidation of power and power projection is done with a simple aim — complete control of countries, their people, and their economies.

Canadians are even more thoroughly brainwashed than our American friends to the south. Why is that? Seduction is a practice most associate with human interaction vis a vis, sex, love, marriage and marketing — i.e. seducing us to buy things.

We hate to be jilted! Nothing is worse than betrayal. When we absorb advertising messages larded with promises of betterment forgetting to read the fine print and we find out that we were persuaded by features that did not work as advertised, most of feel betrayed and angry and disappointed.

Canadians have been subject to Liberal marketing for most of our lives. Never mind all the lies, hypocrisy, double dealing, corruption, and downright stealing from us, all the time, Canadians are compliant. Further they are passive aggressive. And compliant like sheep. Unfortunately voters are at a disadvantage. They were never taught their history.

Canadians do not understand the power of suggestion. Politics in Canada has become a long running soap opera. Yes we watch politics as though it is entertainment; waiting to see the next instalment. Unfortunately for Canadians they do not understand that brainwashing is rape. They are like people married to abusive partners; while punching you in the mouth day after day they tell you how much they love you.

Worse though, children watching this violence hear the word love and only learn to their horror that not everyone behaves the way their parents or guardians behaved but tragically given the nature of our minds they in turn seek abusive relationships — that is what turns them on! They are brainwashed!

The psychological literature is full of the evidence of this terrible fact. Imagine those abusive parents buying the children’s — albeit unconscious compliance — by buying the kids lots of compensatory glitter and glamour. Barbie dolls, stuffed toys, ballerina dresses, TVs for their bedrooms, sweet commercially adulterated foods, IPhones, etc.

I.e. Think here, free stuff. Politicians buy your votes. The buy off compliant bureaucrats. They buy off the courts. They buy of the RCMP. They buy the MSM. They buy their cronies.

Canadians are taxed more than almost any other country. They believe that are better off. Where do all the tax revenues disappear too? Is health care truly free and better than in the U. S. or Europe? Is waiting five years for a hip replacement reasonable? And we are not allowed to pay for it! Is it truly free?

Think of all the billions which disappear into projects which are never completed. And think of all the endless studies and inquiries which conclude nothing!

They buy, buy, buy and we vote, vote, vote — for more of the same. We have been seduced! We are abused and we like it!

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Just read some headline of the Biden / Trudeau visit to Ottawa. Clearly it's written by one of Trudeaus' minions . Trudeau pledged to fight for DEMOCRACY around the World . There's no need to read any more. the rest are lies. I especially like the propaganda about the Usa's involvement in the Russian/Ukraine war , the title should read the Usa/Russian War but I think the rest of the World knows what the Usa is all about. The old adage , if you hear a lie enough times, it eventually becomes the truth . The sad fact is that most Canadians believe what they read as gospel.

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The Turdeau’s are big part of selling out Canada to China..the world is a cess pool of corruption..evil is a cancer on humanity and the world..better to wake late than never..it is long road to hoe..taking a Chinese expression..a journey of 1000 miles starts with one step at time..I am trying to take that first step..God Bless you all.

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Will Trudeau/Gate result in Trudeaus' resignation?

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