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The founding fathers of the US detested ‘democracy’ as they knew it never worked for a society. That is why they instituted a Constitutional Republic where the ‘rule of law’ operates and not a majority rule as in a democracy. Most in the US don’t have an understanding of this sine the ‘dumbing down’ of students in the so-called educational system which really is only a indoctrination system. Their is a major difference between the two. Regardless, both the US and Canada have sadly been overtaken by those who desire their demise. Can they be stopped?

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A damn good question. Have always maintained that Canada is far less democratic than most realize.

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Any govt. that wants to override parental control and chop pieces off our children is immoral, mentally ill and despicable. Govt. is supposed to serve the people, not the people serve govt.

We know schizophrenia runs in the Trudeau family...........

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