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We did not work hard and save to have our tax dollars spent on this. Enough is enough!!! One of the first things he did years ago was to fund the massive Master Card building and tech center in vancouver. My bells went off at that point. He is for foreigners, not Canadians! Go to their country and build things with his own dang money he has made by stealing from us. Evil to the core, buying votes again!!!

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Ever get the feeling your country is being stolen from you from beneath your feet? YES, YES, YES!!! Why can the Indigenous constantly bitch about the White man coming to Canada…but we aren’t allowed to say anything about the 3rd World taking us over?? This is land that we have purchased, paid taxes on and exponentially improved…not just some squatters. Thanks for expressing these incredibly important and dire situations.

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Welcome to Un-Canada. Canada has been intentionally subverted. This reshaping is being promulgated by supranational institutional force. Globalists are those whom have gradually erected various supranational institutional constructs with the sole agenda of replacing the power and responsibilities of a countries own citizens. Recently we have seen that power manifested in the WHO. We all imagine ourselves a sovereign individuals even though Canadians’ have been voting to subvert their own sovereignty for decades now.

Would any individual allow another person to speak for them while putting words in their mouth? Yet the Canadian government has been subverting you voice and replacing both your voice and your individual autonomy as a Canadian with fifth columnists.

These fifth columnists are pre-selected by those who control what we call parties. The Liberal party for example has for years been enacting novel legislation and subverting the processes we continue to trust with processes and legislation not in Canada’s constitution.

The means is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms! Instead of our elected representatives, whom it was originally expected would be our neighbours representing our interests within the sovereignty of process delineated by our Constitution in parliament, it has been replaced by the Supreme Court.

Here decision making is removed from the people and replaced. Instead of the distillation of forty million voices being vested in our neighbours whom we replace by election on a regular basis, legislation is rubber stamped by a small cadre of the unelected, by the unelected, for the unelected, to transform Canada into a Fascist dictatorship.

This replacing of the institutional power we vest in what we imagine to be the security of the state by our neighbours — whom we think of as our friends — while replacing them with pre-selected fifth columnists, whose aim is to undermine Canadas solidarity by any means at their disposal, has been going on since April 17, 1982.

Justin Trudeau is a useful idiot. He is a puppet. His smug smile is evidence that he fully expects to be protected by his masters whom of course are setting the Agenda he is expected to promulgate. He as an agent of the New World order followed the diktats of the World Heath Organization — to the letter.

Fifth columnists like Justin Trudeau, and his mentors, in a righteous world would be tried for treason and shot. Canada is a primary subscriber of NATO. Consequently, powerful interests known to be the primary promulgators of the New World Order are ordering Canada to support the war in Ukraine with men and material. NATO is a political entity to which Canada is subservient. Here we see Canada’s membership in NATO being used as an instrumental organ of the New World Order to support destroying Russian independence and bringing it — as Canada has been brought — under the thumb of an unelected supranational government.

Why would any citizen in Canada choose to replace the freedoms and responsibilities explicit and implicit in Canada’s Constitution and Canada’s Bill of Rights? Why did Canadians’ cheer on Pierre Trudeau in 1982 when he replaced what only gradually emerged over a thousand years to thwart the power of institutional tyranny, with a specious and spuriously named Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in practice, has enabled the undermining of parliament. Power had removed to the Office of the Prime Minister where legislation can be formulated favourable to the establishment of the New World Order and rather than submitting such proposals to parliament, proposals which would never pass scrutiny there, are packaged under artfully crafted confabulations and made law in the Supreme Court.

Media in Canada is almost completely dominated by foreign ownership. Of course these media properties are owned and controlled by proponents of the New World Order. What country truly sovereign would permit it?

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How utterly atrocious.!! For China, $5million is a spit in the bucket, not so for Canada, especially when put together with other LIEberal mis-spending.!! Time for TrueDope to retire - he is a danger to Canada.

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Canadians are staring down the dissolution of our confederation by generational Liberal traitors.Liberal party 2nd home is China, just look at all liberals who are either married to chinese nationals, siblings who were educated in China and all Quebec corporations who have offices in China you would shocked.

As for NDP they're complicit because Trudeau made them an offer Jughead couldn't refuse.....Caliphate coming.

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Trudeau is blatanly rolling out his contempt for this country .He isn't smart enough to this on his own , he's doing Soros ,Schwab masterplan and cooperation of XiPing. Trudeau planned the destruction of Canada by flooding country with illegal immigrants and even if Pierre Polievre wins next election it maybe to late to reverse damage done.

MEXICO HERE I COME, can't be all as bad

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