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Trudeau is making Canada a security threat to the USA. Becoming a possible enemy of the US is not smart and not in our best interests. The threat lies in Ottawa, the rats need to be contained.

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To properly prepare a cover-up of Liberal-China political intercourse takes time. Yeah! 60 years.

Canadians’ in the early 1960s were bedazzled by TV, seeing things one normally only heard about. TV amplifies our receptiveness to visual content over the written word or spoken word by an extraordinary margin. Of course it was relatively new. Many people still did not have a TV in 1960. Seeing young President Kennedy aroused in Canadians a receptivity to being seduced by the Liberal party’s charismatic candidate to lead the party.

But they had no knowledge about Pierre Trudeau beyond his visual appeal — he had a useful appeal to the young who flocked to the Skyline Hotel in Ottawa to see the convention first hand. His androgynous charm appealed to the young. The other candidates looked outdated and boring while on TV he looked cool. He seemed to be on the side of the young and seemed to share their ideals; ideals born of the post war freedoms young Canadians were enjoying.

But Trudeau was anything but a youthful idealist. The old saying, a wolf in sheep’s clothing was coined for a guy like Pierre E Trudeau. Weirdly, Trudeau sported a mouth full of prominent teeth. At one point he was involved in a venture to sell Canadian water to California.

His Charter of Rights and Freedoms was in all ways a classic of revanchist irredentism. As for Power Corporation; Paul Desmarais’ favourite guy was Maurice Strong.

Chrétien, Eddie Goldenberg, John Manley and John McCallum are all China lovers. These men are all battle hardened realists going to bat for Power Corporation.

What is their end, i.e., what did they get, in return for helping the Chinese gain access in Canada? The Liberals are the head of Canada’s deep snake, whoops, I mean deep state.

The Liberals learned a few things about dealing with the enemy during WW II.

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Trudeau's actions have directly threatened and endangered our credibility and relationship within the five eyes community! We are being isolated and pushed out of any security discussions with our allies, because of our relationship with communist China. We are no longer taken seriously as a five eyes partner and that is detrimental to our security!

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Our very sovereignty is in danger thanks to Turdeau and his relationship with communist China. He has alloed the sale of Canadian companies to China that are highly politically sensitive and whose technology is directly linked to Canada's national security. He has seriously compromised our national security in this regard. He has allowed the communist Chinese to infiltrate into Canada, with Chinese pilots training in Canada and inviting the communist Chinese Army to participate in Our winter warfare training. Where will they use this training? Against the Indian army in Kashmir? They now also have boots on the ground. Are Canadians even aware of the ramifications?? ?He has sold Canadian companies that extract and exploitour natural resources to China, giving China a vast control over our resources. He has given hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to China with NO benefit to Canadians, but perhaps, just maybe, he has lined his pockets with Chinese laundered money(?). Either way, communist China owns a lot of Canada, having bought up Canadian interests and now owning them outright. The Chinese are also now under investigation for political interference in Canadian elections AND they are under scrutiny for establishing police stations in Canada, which in itself is an international crime. Canadians must understand that China has openly stated, in the past, that they will protect their global interests by whatever means they deem necessary, up to and including military intervention! The only thing that has changed is that they now own a lot more of Canada and have entrenched themselves more deeply into our affairs. Canadians had better wake up to exactly what that means!

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