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Why is sexual orientation even a political issue, it is a personal choice and as such should be kept behind closed doors, Trudeau Sr. even stated that the government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.

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I absolutely hate Trudeau however on this move he was correct. The reason for changing the age is because prior to the change, if for example, two 17 year old boys had sex they could be criminally charged. Now 17 may be to young for sex in your mind but that is not the issue. The issue is that it should not be against the law for 2 17 year old boys to have sex while a 17 year old hetero couple would not have the same problem. Also just so readers are aware the people including Trudeau and others who think that the represent gay people, do NOT. For more understanding please see https://www.change.org/p/human-rights-campaign-glaad-lambda-legal-the-advocate-out-magazine-huffpost-gay-voices-drop-the-t/u/14482290 and https://www.lgballiance.ca/about

Most gay people do not want the lives of children destroyed in our name. Lets remove the "T" from LGB.

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We are a laughing stock internationally. While other countries train men to be men, he encourages deviant behaviour and now making age of consent 16 so old men “groomers” can travel to be with their boytoys at 16 without crime charges. It is a matter of time he will pass a bill for pedophelia. He is obsessed with sexuality and politics and combines the two though unrelated, but I always thought he was bi. This is why he pushes this. He thinks being a god in LGBTQ community gets him votes just like Biden’s open border illegals voting in the future.

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Sadly, we cannot expect better from Trudeau. There is no one to stop him.

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Xi can slow him down with a good backhand, however.

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He and his groupies like them young???? Sickening!!!

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Part 2

As if that weren’t disturbing enough, a San Francisco company, TranzWear, has a full line of tiny dildos for little girls who want to be boys, or, rather, for the parents who want their gender non-conforming girl to be a boy.[18]

Because that, many of us suspect, is what it’s all about: parents (aided by unscrupulous, clueless or possibly homophobic health professionals) attaching a transgender identity onto a child who truly has no idea of gender concepts. What is never mentioned in these articles is that the vast majority of gender dysphoric children – between 80 to 90 percent, depending on the study – grow out of their gender dysphoria by the time they are teens or adults.[19] Gay men and women can’t help but think of their own childhoods and wonder how many of these kids are being inaccurately identified as transgender (some have even labeled it a modern conversion therapy) and being placed on a path of a physical abuse to their bodies, emotional abuse to their minds, and ultimately sexual abuse as they will have a distorted or unsatisfactory sexual life.

The Hardest Part about Being a Woman

Somebody joked on a forum that straight women and Lesbians were the canary in the coal mine, warning the wider Gay and Bisexual community of the negative impact of the Transgender Ideology. For over a decade, women have been under attack by M2T activists simply because these women express their rightful desire to have their biology respected in ensuring them spaces that are exclusively for women. This is more than just bathrooms – it’s locker rooms, homeless shelters, rape centers, and meeting spaces for women to engage in shared issues or hobbies.

I could list countless examples, but I will share only one, as it was communicated to me directly, and my research on the events demonstrated to me just how vitally important this issue is. After the interview with The Federalist was published, author David Marcus forwarded to me an email he had received from a woman in Australia; she said:

“You have no idea of the effect your writing & interview on me. They made my guts relax & I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought, ‘Maybe we do have some allies in the movement!’ I’m a lesbian-feminist & my community has been under siege by the Trans community for years. Some years ago a group of us, who organized yearly camps for lesbians-born-women (known as Sappho’s Party), were taken to court in the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission for wanting to meet without the presence of transgendered men who claimed to be lesbians (since that was anathema to our political analysis). We ‘won’ the case, but had to meet in secret – being forbidden to publicly advertise our gatherings. When we stand our ground and state our truth, we are hounded by transgender hatred. Sometimes we consider taking our case to court, here or federally, to get an exemption & be able to meet openly, but none of us has the financial means to do that, besides which our Australian Human Rights Commission…is so obsessed with the rights of Trans people that we fear we’d get no support from them. We don’t get any support from gay guys over here, either….”

After reading this note, I had three reactions: first was the firm realization that what I was doing was the correct thing to do; the second was the historic irony, that 60 years ago a group of Lesbians known as Daughters of Bilitis had to meet in secret so that the wider heterosexual society would not harass or discriminate against them,[20] and now a group of Lesbians was having to meet in secret so that their own alleged community would not harass or discriminate against them; and the third was chagrin at understanding how much misogyny and patriarchal our society still is – that women, straight and lesbian, have been fighting so long against the infringement of their rights and spaces by the Transgenders, but it took a man saying something about it to finally get the notice of the mainstream LGB/T organizations and media. How sad and, yet, how typical.

Where do we go from here?

While I knew that the petition would not result in immediate action, I had hoped that it would, at the very least, lead to the beginning of a genuine discussion between the organizations/media and the concerned members of the community. To see the responses of GLAAD, HRC, Lambda Legal and The Advocate has been particularly disheartening, although I should have suspected as much (particularly from The Advocate, which had the reprehensible gall to publish a commentary that compared the vile racists of the 1940s and 50s to young girls insisting on their right to a safe space free of male genitalia,[21] surely the lowest point in that illustrious magazine’s history). And, yet, I thought the proper journalistic response would’ve been to inquire into the reasons for members of the community expressing such concerns, rather than dismissing them with condescension and insults.

I and the more than 2,000 people who signed the petition (and the many more who, in various forums around the internet, expressed the desire to sign the petition but refrained from doing so out of fear of violent/harassing reprisal) are firm in our desire to see these issues discussed openly and with genuine consideration. We will not be bullied or silenced any more. A schism has opened in our community, and many of us can no longer, in good conscience, support organizations and media that would infringe on the rights of women, trample on the history and culture of Gays and Lesbians, and advocate for the physical, emotional and sexual abuse of children.

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From a site that is no longer around. Part 1

Why I created the “Drop the T” Petition

Clayton ChanningClayton ChanningFebruary 21, 2016Drop the Tnews4243 views

An essay by Clayton Channing who initiated a dialogue by starting The Drop the T Change.org Petition

Since my petition was published at Change.org on November 4[1], and the subsequent interview with The Federalist went up on November 9[2], much has been written about it and me. Most of it has been inaccurate and incredibly inflammatory, so I am writing here to correct those misperceptions and to add further clarification of my position, one that I have discovered is shared by a great many other people.

First is the fact that by acting anonymously I delegitimize my position, that I am a coward, and that it is actually a conservative plot to divide the LGB community from the T community. I chose to act anonymously, and continue to do so, because I am concerned for my safety and well-being, and the safety and well-being of my family, my friends and my co-workers. The reaction of many pro-Trans activists has, not unexpectedly, been incredibly vitriolic and hateful, with many death threats issued across social media. Some may see my decision to remain anonymous as cowardly; I, for the time being, see it as simply being cautious. And I wouldn’t be the first activist to engage anonymously: LGB history was deeply affected by psychiatrist Dr. John E. Fryer, who spoke anonymously to the American Psychiatric Association in 1972 about being a gay man and the need to change psychology’s approach to homosexuality; the result being that, a year later, homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.[3]

I am as far from being conservative as one can be. As I stated in the interview, I am a socialist atheist (probably more of a Secular Humanist) who is pro-choice, opposed to the death penalty and hopeful that we can get real gun control in the United States. Indeed, it is because I am a liberal that I take this position: I was raised by a single mother who, in the early 1970s, decided to divorce my father and pursue her own dreams, a life informed by the reading of Betty Freidan’s The Feminine Mystique and Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex; I have a Lesbian sister, a former police officer, and both of us were gender non-conforming children, she rejecting traditional feminine attire (I can count on one hand the times I’ve seen her in a dress) and pursuing sports in high school, while I played at being Wonder Woman in the back yard and devoured the romantic historical novels of Belva Plain. It is this background that has partly informed my principles, making me particularly attuned to the treatment and rights of women and cognizant of how children who do not conform to traditional gender concepts are treated.

Second is the idea that the petition (and, by extension, me) is transphobic. This is not the case: as with any minority group, the Transgender community should absolutely have their rights to housing, employment and general services respected and not discriminated against. Rather, what I argue, and what I have discovered is supported by many, many other people, is that the Transgender ideology not only does not correspond to the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual ideology, but is actually quite oppositional to it, as well as being, in its most extreme form, harmful to women, gay men and children. It is this to which I, and many others, object.

Kings and Queens

Many Transgender activists seem to hate gay men, particularly drag queens; why this is the case I can only guess – perhaps it’s the fact that drag queens recognize that all clothing is drag (i.e., a social construct) and that drag queens utilize exaggerated feminine attire and discourse to both embrace and mock gender concepts. Whatever the case, Transgender activists have repeatedly harassed drag queens in recent years. Undoubtedly the most notable of these is RuPaul, the legendary drag queen who has been a constant cultural presence for more than 25 years, and through both his performances and activism has had a profound effect on the public discourse of homosexuality, in an undeniably positive way. But Transgender activists have attacked RuPaul and his popular television program RuPaul’s Drag Race as being “transphobic” for using terms such as “she-male,” a term with a long history in the drag community.[4]

RuPaul isn’t the only drag queen to have been targeted for derision by Transgender activists: just this past summer, the “transgender and non binary caucus” of Glasgow’s Free Pride event decided to ban drag queens from participating, as it “hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke.”[5] Following an outcry from drag queens and the wider LGB community, the decision was rescinded.[6]

It is with extraordinary irony, therefore, that Transgender activists have co-opted one of the greatest moments in drag history and claimed it as their own. I am, of course, referring to the Stonewall riots. I’ve discussed the Stonewall issue in both the petition and the interview, but people continue to insist on repeating the myth of Transgender participation that I feel it necessary to address it again. Here are the facts: the Stonewall riots were initiated by a police raid of the Stonewall Inn, a somewhat seedy gay bar run by the Mafia, on the night of June 28, 1969; the majority of participants in the riots that night and the following nights were young, white gay men, with some black men and a rather sizable Puerto Rican contingent, and a handful of drag queens; although the evidence is not conclusive, one of those drag queens, Marsha P. Johnson, a gay man who also identified as a transvestite, reportedly threw the first brick.[7]

So, let’s be clear about this: if a drag queen is not Transgender according to what their activists say, then Marsha P. Johnson cannot be Transgender; if Johnson is to be considered Transgender, then attacking and harassing drag queens is inappropriate and thoroughly hypocritical. To put it another way, many of the individuals who identify as Transgender today, such as Caitlyn Jenner and several people in positions of power at LGBT organizations and media, such as Jennifer Finney Boylan, a co-chair at GLAAD,[8] would not have been anywhere near Stonewall that night, while RuPaul would’ve been at the front of the barricades.

Furthermore, statements such as “transgenders are responsible for gay rights,” which gets repeated on social media constantly, are not just incorrect, but deeply homophobic, as it ignores decades of activism that started in the late 1800s in Germany with Karl Heinrich Ulrichs,[9] continued with Edward Carpenter in England at the turn of the 20th century,[10] moving on to Henry Gerber, who started the first LGB rights organization in the US in 1924,[11] and finally on to several post-WWII gay rights activists such as Harry Hay,[12] Frank Kameny,[13] Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon.[14] Asserting that Marsha P. Johnson is solely and exclusively responsible for the Gay Rights movement is like saying Gavrilo Princip is solely and exclusively responsible for the First World War, and thus ignoring the 5 decades of history that came before it.

Sissies and Tomboys

As stated above, my sister and I were pretty gender non-conforming as children. Fortunately, our parents were open minded and didn’t demand that we try to fit into a neat little box of gender concepts; they left us alone, free to develop as we wished.

Such an approach, it would appear, is anathema to Transgender activists. There are so many stories of children being persuaded by their parents and health professionals that they are “trans” simply because they do not behave according to traditional gender constructs: CNN has a piece about parents who claim that they “no longer have a daughter…[now] they have a son”[15]; Jazz Jennings began transitioning at the age of 7 and currently stars on a reality TV program[16]. Many of these children are being placed on puberty blockers, notably leuprorelin and histrelin, which have the effect of slowing the growth of the sexual organs and the production of hormones, thereby “suppressing the development of facial hair, deep voices and Adam’s apple in boys and the halting of breast growth and menstruation in girls.”[17] The FDA has not approved these medicines for such use, and so they are being prescribed “off-label”; additionally, there is very little research on the long-term effect of these medicines on children, and so we are seeing a generation being used as guinea pigs for the Transgender Ideology.

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JT has found someone 16 is the only answer.

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Did anyone see the speech by Michel Maisonneuve? That's the type of leader we need.

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Can you say fudge packer. Ughhhh. That’s what happens when the creepiest creeps are running the Country. Justin Trudeau you have exceeded the creepiest creeper level. You and your cabinet are just effing sick

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Maybe it’s because the anus is not meant as a sexual cavity?!?!?!

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WHY is Trudeau still walking and talking??

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Something satanic about doing that for a child. Trudeau is mentally ill - wait til some perv does something horrific to his children at 16 or ---.

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Does he encourage his sons to be homosexual????

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