No one plays favourites like "Mr. Equality" Justin Trudeau.
An incredible irony it is-- using western freedom of speech laws to attack our people.
In contemporary Canada, democracy exists for a total of one day every four years-- federal voting day.
By the time MPs return to Parliament it will have been six months since the House last met.
Justin Trudeau does not want our country torn apart in this manner. If Canada is to be decimated, it must be done his way.
In post-modern Canada there is only one way, and that way is Liberalism.
Justin Trudeau is the first prime minister elected by Canadians who then went to work for everyone on the planet except Canadians.
Sikh-Canadian candidates won in both Calgary and Edmonton mayoral elections.
How far our nation has strayed from its moral principles.
Regarding Syrian refugee intake policy, Justin Trudeau stated “I will be personally responsible for harm brought to any Canadian citizens.”
Anglophones have no vision for ethnic supremacy in Canada. By way of woke culture,these communities will be lucky if their future includes social equal…
So much corruption exists in the world of foreign aid to 3rd World nations that critics have coined a name for the phenomenon: Phantom Aid.