What we have is action to transition hate crime definitions away from the law, and place them under "private" jurisdiction.
The number of cases of MAID in 2020 represents a growth rate of 34.2% over 2019. All provinces experienced a steady year over year growth during 2020.
Prof. Nadia El-Mabrouk issued a scathing critique of Muslims who seek to influence public policy by playing the victim card of Islamophobia.
None of the other options – gender, sexuality, income, etc. – carry the weight that race does.
“To arrive at a just estimate of a renowned man’s character one must judge it by the standards of his time— not ours.” — Mark Twain
Should concerned Canadians be preparing themselves for a forthcoming government policy of unprecedented community favouritism?
Trudeau-family traits have come to define modern Canadian society: contempt for the will of the people combined with disdain for democratic process.
Silence and obfuscation are in no manner a random occurrence. Government has done so. Media has done so, while law enforcement has followed suit.
Racism can come from anyone toward any identifiable community. For what purpose is this fact ignored by Canadian government and media?
Racism is no longer a social phenomenon-- it is a neo-totalitarian weapon to control all aspects of life in our country.
Justin Trudeau has transitioned Canadians of European origin into a silent majority-- in advance of our future status as a silent minority.
The greatest threat to democratic tradition is found when the will of government and the will of the majority are diametrically opposed. Such is the st…